Five For Friday on the Final Friday of the School Year!

This year has flown by!  Today is our last Friday in school so it's time to link-up for:

This week the kids had so much fun "traveling" to several different U.S. states by being:
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Each student had a "suitcase" that I cut out on the die cut machine and a passport.  With suitcase in hand, the kids visited two locations each day.  Locations included:  the Statue of Liberty in New York City; Niagara Falls in New York and Ontario, Canada; the Grand Canyon in Arizona; the Bald Eagle in Alaska; the Gateway Arch in Missouri; the U.S. flag in Washington, D.C.; the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania; and Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

At each site, the kids filled out their passports with the destination; read about the tourist attraction; and completed an informational brochure.  If the kids finished early, I got several books from the library that told more about each state and monument.

Check out Tayla's suitcase.
Here's Mrs. Perry, Nicholas and Karmen on their trip to the Grand Canyon.

Here's an example of one of the tourist attractions.

This is a perfect activity for any time of the year when you want the kids to do something educational and engaging.  Please check it out!

We had perfect weather for Field Day on Thursday.  Mr. Slagmolen, our PE teacher, did an incredible job organizing all the stations and activities.  The kids had a great time!

Four of our five butterflies were born and released.  All third grade classes came outside to watch three of the butterflies fly off.  One must have just hatched because it wouldn't leave the butterfly house so I took it home, and it flew off.

The last chrysalis was born this morning, but it has a broken wing and can't fly.  I am going to leave it in the butterfly house to keep it safe.

The Mayor's assistant, Bill, and Sean from the Auditor's department, came to talk to the third graders about the Constitution and city government.  Bill knows A LOT about the Constitution.  He asked the kids if they knew what a bill was.  Well, they know that bills are something that needs to be paid. 

Thanks to Bill (on the right) and Sean for coming to talk to the third graders!

The children's librarian from the Woburn Public Library came to talk to the kids about summer reading and all the fun incentives that are being offered to get the kids to read.  Some of the prizes include museum passes, including passes to the Boston Harbor Islands!

Here's our principal, Mr. Kessaris, with the children's librarian.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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