Running Late Five For Friday on Sunday!

It's time for a lucky Friday which means that it's time to link-up with   Doodle Bugs Teaching

We had a delightful field trip to visit the Mayor and the Woburn Public Library.

The Mayor answered A LOT of questions from the third graders.  On top of that, he took pictures with small groups in his office.  His intern, Bill, was quite helpful with the picture taking.  The Mayor and his intern are visiting the Goodyear School on Friday to talk about the Constitution.  How exciting is that! 

It's almost as exciting as seeing the original copy of the Declaration of Independence at the Woburn Public Library.  Here's a close-up of John Hancock's printed signature:

The Southwick Zoo (check it out here), a small zoo in Massachusetts came to visit our school to share some very interesting animals.  Check out Rufus, a joey:

We also got to see an adorable armadillo walk in the gym, a snapping turtle, a baby alligator, and other animals.  I think the kangaroo was my favorite - too cute!

The kids are enjoying the caterpillars which have now all turned into a chrysallis.  Luckily, my colleagues, Marcia and Cheryl, helped me assemble the fancy butterfly house:

We worked more in our Measurement notebooks:

For Father's Day, we made the most adorable craftivity from Deb at Crafting Connections.

Click on the image to see this craftivity at Deb's amazing TPT store.

Have a wonderful week!

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