Positive Thinking + Throwback Thursday = Two Link-Up Thursday

Since it's Thursday, it's time to link-up with Jennifer for:

Today's positive thinking comes directly from the Oprah magazine, June 2014, edition.  The title of the article is "remember reading?" by Sarah J. Robbins (p. 107 - 108).

the secret benefits of books

....According to a 2010 study conducted by market-research firm MindLab Intelligent Insights, reading an engrossing book to yourself for as little as 6 minutes reduces stress by 60 percent...Deep reading, it turns out, may strengthen our sense of empathy....the more fiction that people read, the better they are at empathizing with others....Another perk...:  Kids who read for pleasure excel academically - not only in language arts but, as recent research from the Institute of Education, in London, found in math as well.

It's a good thing that it's almost summer because I need to rebuild my empathy stores and reduce my stress.

Next up is a link-up I actually tried myself with little luck, so today I am joining the other bloggers for Throwback Thursday at The Teaching Tribune. 

Today's topic is looking back through a picture that is from around the time you were the age of the students in the grade you teach. 

Here's me in third grade:

I still wear my hair pretty much the same way; it's just shorter and no more hair yarns (I wonder if those will ever come back in style?).  My hair color is similar - thanks to my hairdresser.  Time sure does fly!

Have a fantastic Friday!

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