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Well, a lot of bloggers are on summer vacation so they get to blog all day.  My vacation doesn't start until two weeks from tomorrow so I still get to link up with Jennifer for:

Social Studies

This week we'll be learning about the U.S. Constitution.  I can understand why the Constitution is so important - we are so lucky to have so many freedoms, and I hope the kids realize that to some extent.

Today we started watching a movie, Ruby Bridges.  The kids were pretty shocked at how cruelly Ruby was treated, but they were excited to watch a history movie.  One thing is for sure - history isn't always pretty.


I started reading a new book to the kids during snack today:

There is a series of these books, and if the first day is any indication, the kids LOVE the book.  It's told in diary format, and Justin is in the third grade.  The book covers the whole of third grade so we're going back in time to the first days of school, and we'll be ending in June - just in time for the end of third grade.  Perfect!


I always did caterpillars with my younger son, Andrew, so I decided to buy some for my classroom which means we'll be checking in on our caterpillars this week.

Field Trip

On Wednesday we're off to the Mayor's office and the Woburn Public Library where there is an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and a museum.

It's sure to be a busy week at this rate!

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