A Peek At My Week!

It's Sunday night so it's time to look out over the horizon at the week ahead with Jennifer at

1.  Progress reports will be going home on Friday so I'll be getting those ready.  It's hard to believe that the first term is half over.

2.  In Reading, we will be reading a play by Suzy Kline about Herbie and Annabelle.  In the play, Annabelle has the chicken pox, and Herbie has to deliver get well cards to her house.  Isn't it amazing that kids don't really know what chicken pox are any more?  One of my students reported that her older sister had the chicken pox last week, but I hadn't heard of any other cases IN YEARS! 

3.  In Math, we are starting subtraction which can be challenging.  Last week, several students voiced their concern that the work in third grade was "too easy."  Well, I am predicting that the work will challenge all of them next week.

4.  In Social Studies, we'll be wrapping up our first chapter and having a test.

5.  We'll also be writing our final copies about our best friends, and the kids will start sharing their paragraphs on the rug.

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