Welcome to my wonderful week ahead!

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1.  This week we'll be reading Born to Rope in our reading books.  This story tells about Anthony and how hard he works at school and at roping.  I like this story because the author uses pictures rather than illustrations.  Plus, it's non-fiction which you can never read enough.
2.  In our notebooks, we'll be describing Anthony and supporting our adjectives with examples from the story.  I've been using Nicole Shelby's interactive reading notebook activities which are excellent.  You can check them out here:
3.  In Math, we'll be doing more addition and word problems.  We'll also be working on memorizing our math facts.  Several students have already memorized their math facts, and this makes math much more manageable for them. 
4.  In computer lab, we'll continue on with our Powerpoint presentations on the 4 types of sentences.  I love being able to use the computer lab in a meaningful and constructive way.
5.  The weather looks fabulous so we'll be able to go outside for recess which is so important because the kids really need the fresh air and exercise.
Happy Fall!

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