Fabulous Five For Friday - First Full Week of School!

Wow - the first full week of school went by very quickly, and I am going to bed early tonight.

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1.  We started learning about place value in Math.  In our city, we use the Math Expressions series, and the first chapter is about place value.  We're also reviewing our basic math facts.  Today I gave a quick quiz on facts to 10 - I haven't corrected them yet, but I'm hoping that all the kids did well.
2.  Today in Computer Lab, I taught the kids how to make Powerpoints.  Of course, we only made and saved the first page of our presentations which will be about the 4 types of sentences.  The kids LOVED experimenting with the different backgrounds, clipart and word art.  It was very exciting!
3.  We had a benchmark writing assessment on Monday.  The prompt was to write about yourself. 
4.  We made 2 class books this week.  The first one was titled:  We Follow Rules.  After reading Clark the Shark, we each wrote a page about an important rule to follow in school.  The other class book was titled:  Probably.  Each page starts with:  "I'm probably the only one in third grade who...."  I have been doing these probably books for years now, and I love sharing them with my new students.  It's really fun when an older brother or sister has written a page. 
More will follow on both of these books as I would like to share some of the student-made pages as well as give more information on Clark the Shark.
5.  We had a class meeting today because the kids were concerned about lunch recess and cafeteria behavior.  The main concern is the cheese touch (this is why I am not a fan of the Wimpy Kid books).  It seems that students are taking pieces of cheese and putting them on lunch tables, in other people's lunchboxes, on others' shoulders and heads,.....  We'll definitely be addressing this issue next week to try to make lunch a more pleasant experience.
I must say though - I LOVE THIRD GRADE, AND I LOVE MY CLASS!  Now that school has started, I'm enjoying being back at school.

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