Currently, it's the first day of SEPTEMBER!

It's September FOR REAL so it's time to link up for Currently with:

It's the last day of summer vacation, and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of my vacation.  The last few days I have been working on school preparations like writing out name tags, typing out book bin labels for my library, doing some planning,.....

Today I'm going out for lunch at Portland Pizza which is a new restaurant in Reading, MA.  The Portland part of the name is from Portland, Maine.  I LOVE pizza so I'm excited to go for lunch.  Since I've been on Weight Watchers, I have realized how much I LOVE and LOOK FORWARD TO EATING!  Now I understand how my dog feels - she could eat nonstop.  I'm starting to feel that way, too. 

Have a great week!



  1. I'm finally getting a chance to blog and chat with other bloggers! I can't believe that it's September and you're still on vacay! We've been back for 1 and a half weeks and it seems like I never left...just new faces.
    Enjoy your last day of vacay and enjoy all those excited, smiling faces tomorrow!!!! I'm sure you'll be a hit!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your last day of vacation!

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Enjoy today while you can because soon you will be begging for a break!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  4. Your blog title is too cute! Soak up those last few days of vacation while you have them!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  5. What?! Still on vacay?? I wish I was on your school schedule...we've been in school for a month already :( and I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned about how you feel like your dog when it comes to eating! My pup is the same way, like she's been starving for days! Yummy pizza, post a picture later!! I'm your newest follower. So happy to have found another third grade blog!!
    Teaching in Paradise

  6. I'm your newest follower thanks to Farley's rule of 3! Cute blog!

  7. I read your blog for the first time and I really enjoyed it!


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