End The Week Off Right With Some Healthy Eating Tips

I'm late, but I really wanted to join this link-up about healthy eating ideas.  Of course, if you wait long enough, you end up being on time after all. (I meant to do this post a week ago.)

Last week, I saw a link-up with  http://dontlettheteacher.blogspot.com/ 

about healthy eating so I thought I'd share some tips I've learned from Weight Watchers:

1.  Know/plan what you're having for lunch.  This way you can make sure to prepare something healthy.

2.  Get a good night's sleep - this way you can make good food choices during the day.

3.  Be careful of eating in restaurants.  A lot of the food is very high in calories and fat.

4.  Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice!

5.  Instead of "real" hamburgers, try out:

     *Weight Watchers Chicken patties

     *Butterball turkey burgers

     Both of these choices are surprisingly good and much lower in fat and calories.

Here's a tip from my doctor:

6.  Get your calcium from food rather than supplements.  Research has shown that supplements can cause calcium build-up in your body, and this build-up can lead to health problems.

Here's something I learned at Dunkin Donuts this morning:

7.  There is only one kind of brewed coffee.  All of those delicious flavored coffees are made with flavored syrups which means extra calories and sugar. 

My goal for this week:

8.  Don't use food as a reward.  I do this all the time.  For example, last week was Back to School night, and I gave blood - that meant I could have pizza for dinner and then leftover pizza for lunch the next day.  Of course, some times, you just need a treat.

What treat would you prefer:  pizza or a cupcake or both?

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  1. Thank you SO much for linking up! I'm so bad about using food as a reward or comfort, and restaurants can be the absolute worst! It scares me when I enter those calories into MyFitnessPal at the end of a meal. They are ridiculously high!

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