It's a brand new week already!

It's time for a brand new week - that means it's time to link up with Jennifer at

1.  This week we'll be reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears by James Marshall in our reading books.  Additionally, I have a lot of the George and Martha books to share, too.  I LOVE George and Martha because they're funny, and the author uses so few words to tell each story. 
2.  Back to School Night is Thursday evening.  I'm looking forward to meeting the students' parents.  These last few years, I've set up chairs in a circle on my rug, and we have a "class meeting"  in which I talk about what we do in class; the parents can ask questions, etc.  I just feel much more comfortable talking when we're in a circle.
3.  In Math, it's onward and upward with place value, addition and word problems. 
4.  In computer lab, we'll make more slides for our Sentence powerpoint presentations.  This week the kids will make slides for a statement and a question.  They were so excited about their first slides.
5.  We'll be starting the first chapter in our Social Studies book, too.  I LOVE our Massachusetts books - there are great pictures as well as interesting information.
Here's to a wonderful week!

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  1. Our meet the teacher night is Tuesday - having everyone sit in a circle is a great idea. Ours is more of a walk through and talk kind of night - it could use a little more structure :)


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