Weight Watchers Has Marvelous Messages!

I go to Weights Watchers every Sunday morning in Stoneham for a weekly meeting.  First, I get weighed in, and then we discuss our ups and downs with the Meeting Leader.  Every week we discuss a different topic, and I like to share the messages because I think that they apply to everyone.

Here's a few of the messages (I haven't been posting every week so there will be a few of them this week):

I bring my lunch to school every day, and I usually have the same, old lunch - hummus on a deli flat, an orange and some almonds.  Last week was the first week back to school so I treated myself to some homemade chocolate chip cookies (2 points each).  Of course, the scale did not reward me for eating the cookies, but I did enjoy every bite, and they were DELICIOUS!

One important message that I have learned is focus on eating HEALTHIER food rather than the number of the scale.  I have noticed that I am making better food choices, thanks to Weight Watchers.

Here's message number 2:

Getting enough sleep is so important - I LOVE to get a good night's sleep.  I have been going to bed earlier these days - by 9:00 pm - because I'm exhausted, but I am loving my class so it's a good kind of tired.


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