A Peek at our Week!

  It's Monday, and even though I'm a day late, I'm still going to link-up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for  "A Peek at My Week."

This week we're going to do more MCAS prep work.  Today we practiced with a released item from the 2013 test.  The Sharing by Leo Buscaglia is a heart-warming story of a boy, Tino, and his relationship with his neighbor, Mrs. Sunday.  The short response asked why Tino enjoys visiting Mrs. Sunday.  Here's the answer straight from the selection:

     Tino liked being with Mrs. Sunday.  She was not like other grown-ups.  she spoke right to him 
     and listened to him as if he were really there.  Most of all, she was interested in him and in the
     things he was doing.

How lucky is anyone who has another person who listens to everything he/she has to say!  

My goal in doing these released items is to make the kids go back into the passage and find the answers.  We'll be practicing this skill all weel.


In Math, we'll be having a chapter test on word problems, continuing on in multiplication and starting flips, turns and slides.

In Science, we're also having our chapter test on weather.

For the most part, the kids have completed the rough drafts of their pen pal letters.  We are pen pals with a third grade class in Columbia, South Carolina.  This week we'll be writing our final copies, and I will get those letters in the mail.

On Friday, we'll be having a Healthy Heart Valentine's Breakfast Party.  I LOVE Breakfast Parties because the food is healthy, we get our party done by 9:15-ish, and everyone is happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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