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This week we were very lucky to have a Mystery Reader!  Nicholas' Mom came in to read Tacky and the Winter Games.  Due to the Olympics, this book was in BIG demand, but Mrs. L. used her connections to get a copy.  She tried to order it online for her younger son's first grade teacher, and the book was quite expensive.  Any way, the kids were delighted to have a special reader:

Today (Friday) we had a Mystery Guest speaker!  I asked Karim's Mom to come to class so I could interview her for my RETELL (how to teach/help ESL students).  The students and I came to the rug with our clipboards and took notes as we asked questions.  Mrs. C. has had quite an amazing life!  She was born in Lebanon; grew up speaking Arabic and French; came to the United States with a 9 month old son; and could not speak English and had no family/friends in this country.  Well, 14 years later, she speaks English very well, and the family has a bilingual home.  She also emphasized to the class how important education is.  Here's Mrs. C. and Karim:

After our interview on the rug, Mrs. C. was writing in Arabic on the Promethean Board.  Shoshana then wrote in Hebrew.  I invited Mrs. Johnson to come see the board, and she wrote in Greek.  I was so excited that I invited Mrs. Johnson's class in, and her students wrote in Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Portuguese and Spanish.  I loved this whole experience because I love learning about different cultures and languages!

This afternoon we had a delightful magic show performed by Tommy James who delighted the Goodyear School with Dr. Seuss themed messages and tricks.  At the end, he even made a real live rabbit appear!

Also, this morning, we had a raffle sale, and here are some of the prizes:

Luckily for me, I won markers that squeak. 

Last, but not least, we went to school for FIVE days this week which makes me very happy because we did A LOT of MCAS prep. and started learning about the Puritans.  We learned that Governor John Winthrop kept very detailed diaries which are at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston.  We were very amazed and impressed about that!

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  1. What an exciting week you and your children had! Could you please do a review of your new pencil sharpener? I would love to know how it is working for your class.


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