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Since I was on vacation I was able to go to the gym in the morning vs. late afternoon or after supper:

This is me in the spinning room at my gym, the Reading Athletic Club.  When I go spinning, I always wear a tank top with a pair of exercise capris or shorts - depending on the temperature.  These days I'm wearing capris to the gym.  I don't have a favorite brand of exercise clothes, but I always buy my gym clothes at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.  I am very lucky to have 2 Lululemon exercise tank tops because my friend, Kathy, gave them to me since they weren't fitting her just right any more.  Of course, all the younger women wear Lululemon, but I just don't want to spend so much money on my gym clothes.

Also, if you want to try spinning, I highly recommend it as an excellent work-out.  You burn a lot of calories, and most importantly, you are in a dark room so no one can see you so you go at your own pace.  Plus, the music really helps make spinning more fun. 

This week I also worked on my Chinatown adventure blog posts.  Here's one last lion that I forgot to put in my blog:

 I really loved going to Chinatown for the Lion Parade - so colorful and fun!

 This week I took my dog for her annual physical.  She used to live at the VCA Animal Hospital before we adopted her, and when we first got her, she loved to go there.  Now she's very nervous and pants the whole time.  We had a lovely new veterinarian, Dr. Pelletier, who was very kind to Gabi (my dog) and who agreed to take a picture:

 The older I get, the more I notice how young doctors seem to be.

I went to my classroom to clean my desk, but instead I rearranged and reorganized my classroom library which really needed a good dusting and cleaning.  If I could, I would dust my room more than twice a year, especially since I'm so allergic to dust.  Oh, well,....

Today is the last day of my vacation so I need to finish all the chores I need to do.  Of course, I have been procrastinating on cleaning my teacher shelves in my house.  I wonder why?  Now I'm blogging so I can put off the inevitable. 

Back to work for me!

P.S.  Here's one more thing I've been doing this week:  downloading A LOT of clipart.  I do LOVE clipart - so much fun!


  1. Love the picture of you in the spinning room! Haha you even mentioned me. Hope you are enjoying vacation as much as I am!

  2. Hi Susan! I can completely relate to your dusty classroom woes! Where DOES all the dust come from?? I feel like it's everywhere in my classroom, regardless of how often I clean. Gabi is a beautiful dog! :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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