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 Meet the Teacher Monday: FAST FIVE!

1. List five things you always keep in your purse

      *Car keys
      *Cell phone
      *Small zip-up wallet for my license and another credit card

            When my kids were younger, they would get money from my wallet and conveniently forget to put my wallet back in my pocketbook.  Later, I would need money..., and the wallet had "disappeared."  After this happened several times, I started using my "secret" small wallet so I would always, at least, have my license and a credit card.

2. List five things you love about yourself.

     *Caring nature
     *Creativity in thinking/problem solving

3. List 5 things you do to keep yourself entertained 

     I'm very good at this!

     *Reading a book.
     *Doing the crossword puzzle.
     *Correcting papers.
     *People watching.

4. List five things that attract you to the opposite sex.

     *Good listener/conversationalist
     *Easy going disposition.

5. List five things you want to accomplish in 2014

     *Get my whole house clean and organized.
     *Clean and organize my closet.
     *Take a class about guided reading/reading workshop.
     *Incorporate more small group learning opportunities.
     *Create more hands-on learning activities.

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Happy Hump Day!



  1. Please let me know if you ever figure out how to get your whole house clean! I have even set up a cleaning schedule to try and make sure that I clean my house, and it never fails that a day later it is dirty again!! I can't wait to hear your secret!! :)

    Mrs. 3rd Grade


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