Storybook Sunday Featuring Bobby, the Brave, Sometimes

Guess what day it is?  It's Sunday so it's time to link-up at Paula's Place! for:

I know Paula suggested writing about Valentine's books, but instead I'm writing about a book that deals with friendship and other emotional issues.  Plus, I'm always looking for good books that have a boy as the main character.  Here's a realistic chapter book about a 4th grade boy:

I love this book for several reasons:

*Bobby is a regular kid who is also a middle child with a super athletic older sister who plays on her high school football team and a younger sister who is cute as a button.

*Bobby's Dad used to be a professional football player, and Bobby does not like football.  Now that the Dad is retired from football, he's a stay-at-home parent who cooks (not well) and who is making Bobby a costume for his school play.

*Bobby is in 4th grade and needs to deal with typical school and friendship issues.

*Bobby thinks his Dad wishes he were more athletic like his older sister.

For these reasons, this is a book that is authentic, and the kids can easily relate to the situations in the book. 

I'm reading this book out loud while the kids eat snack, and I'm really enjoying the story, too.

Here is the address for the author's web site:

In addition, there is another Bobby the Brave story if the kids want to read more about this character.

Finally, here's a link to a product I found on TPT about this book:

Happy Valentine's Day!  

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