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Since we had a snow day this week, we had to work extra hard for the four days we were in school.  Here are some examples of what we did:

This week we worked and completed our Square One Art projects.  Here is a picture of the kids' work:

From this sample of work, I notice that rainbows are "trending." (that's a word I learned from Twitter)

 Even I love making Square One Art.  Here are some of the ones I have made:

 These pictures can be made into t-shirts, water bottles, potholders, etc.  It's a really fun project.

Of course, I brought my Square One paper home to finish over the weekend.  While I was at the gym this afternoon, Gabi the Dog, ripped it to shreds.  My dog ate my homework!  Now it's back to square one if I want to make a new picture.

We watched an excellent video of Chinese New Year.  This video explained how people prepare for Chinese New Year by sweeping their kitchen to get rid of any bad luck.  We also saw family members receiving red envelopes (leisses), the lion dance, firecrackers, etc.  The kids really enjoyed seeing an example of the real Chinese New Year.

There is a whole series of these videos, if you want to check them out.

We did some MCAS prep. this week.  We read about Benjamin Franklin and wrote about why he is famous.  Also, we finally finished Don't Throw Your Bones On The Floor which explains how the Pilgrims ate.  Today we read Henry Hikes To Fitchburg which is such a delightful story about 2 friends who travel to Fitchburg in different ways:  Henry walks while his friend takes the train. 

In the Computer Lab, the kids wrote in their kidblogs about what they did on their snow day.

This afternoon we completed a following directions test.  The first direction clearly stated "Read all of the directions before doing anything."  Needless to say, no one followed this direction so the kids were counting to 100 out loud by tens, picking up trash, doing jumping jacks and push-ups, etc.  It took a bit of explaining to get them to understand how important it is to follow directions.

If you want to check out this activity, here's the link:

It would be a great activity to try as we get closer to Valentine's Day and February vacation.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The kiddos art work for Square One Project looks really awesome. There are some really little talented artist in your class. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I'm so glad you loved the sneak following directions activity. Wasn't it hilarious to watch unfold?!


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