Back in time link-up!

I'm in the process of experimenting with starting a link-up.

I've always wanted to show my students what I looked like when I was in third grade.  I also wanted to tell them what I was like.

Ta-da!  Me in third grade!

Third grade was my very favorite grade.  I had the best teacher - Miss Ingalls.  She was the first person who made me feel smart and capable.  I've written about her before in my blog because I still remember her.

Before third grade, I used to cry in school because I thought the work was too hard.  The teachers used to yell at me which made me feel even worse.  That's why I can't get upset at any of my students if they cry since I've been there myself.

Any way, if you'd like to link up, I would be so honored.  You don't have to begin linking up until Monday since I'm sure you have to find a picture of yourself.

Also, I'm so new to this link-up business.  If any of you have any advice, please let me know.



  1. I think you were cute in third grade and you look very much like Bethany!

  2. I love this link up idea, I am going to have to search for a picture in second grade now.
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