Fabulous Five For Friday!

Finally, it's time for  Five for Friday!

 We were exceptionally lucky to have a guest reader - Karmen's Mom!  Here is she is reading to the kids on the rug.  She read Squaredy Squirrel and Skippyjohn Jones books.

 The kids LOVE to have guest readers, especially their own moms or dads.

 Since we've been working on adjectives, the kids have been working on their "Give me 5 adjective" projects.  Here are the steps:

1.  Make an organizer that lists 5 adjectives that describe you along with 2 reasons to support each adjective.  One of Karmen's adjectives is flexible because she can do a split and a cartwheel.

2.  Write a rough draft and a final copy.

3.  Trace your hand.  Write one adjective in each finger.

4.  Share your writing with the class.

If you want to check out this free activity, here's the link:


 Speaking of Language, we have now moved on to predicates.  I had never heard of a verb being called the "simple predicate" until I started teaching third grade.  Also, I call linking verbs "trickster" verbs because they don't show action - I'm just trying to get the kids to remember that these words are verbs, too.

 In Math, we've been doing area and perimeter this week.  I LOVE doing this activity with Legos.  I have a collection of all different sized blocks.  The kids trace the Legos, label all 4 sides, find the area and perimeter.  Here's an example:

 Of course, it's a sideways example done by Cameron, but you can see how much he did.  The kids were so delighted with this activity.  Some of them said they were going to do this at home with their own Legos (I haven't heard back on if this actually happened).

Here's the link for this free activity:


 In Science, we finished up animals by learning about amphibians, fish and reptiles.

 Speaking of water animals, my hot water heater ruptured on Wednesday while I was in my RETELL class after school.  Luckily, my son got home at 4:30 and shut off the water before there was too much damage.  Good news:  the water heater was only 6.5 years old and under warranty until 10 years.  I got a free water heater but only had to pay the plumber.  What would we do without plumbers? 

Happy weekend!

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