Wardrobe Wednesday

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I even remembered to have my colleague, Cheryl, take a picture of me in the school library which is my favorite room in the school:

My bright sweater is from Ann Taylor Loft.  My skirt is Jones New York Platinum Collection; I got it in TJ Maxx.  This skirt is lined and is a petite so it was a very lucky find.  My tights are Hue brand, and I got them in Macy's.  I LOVE tights, especially colorful and/or patterned ones.  I'm not a big fan of Macy's, but they have a really great selection of tights so I try to stop in at the end of the season to buy some new pairs that have been marked down.  My shoes are Franco Sarto, and they're very comfortable.

In other exciting news:

*My laptop had a fried motherboard due to me spilling some water on the mouse.  Here's some important advice:  If you spill water on your laptop, remove the battery, turn it upside down, and let it dry.  Do not turn it on again until it has dried out totally. I was so worried that I dried off the computer and tried to turn it on right away.  Big lesson:  water and electronics don't mix well.  I learned a lot this week.  Luckily, for me, Sara from the Technology Department, fixed up my laptop, and it's good as new.

*Tomorrow's Friday, and that's one of my favorite days of the week!


  1. Yay for Sara! I know you missed your laptop!! I love your bright colors.....and I'm still waiting to hear your review on your new pencil sharpener :)

  2. I LOVE Ann Taylor loft!! Thanks for linking up :)



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