Fantastically Fabulous Five For Friday!!!!!

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On Monday, we had Mr. Kissell from the Woburn School Committee as our guest reader for Read Across America.

After he read a Dr. Seuss book, he spent some time chatting with the kids and answering questions.  What a great guest reader!

On Wednesday, the Woburn Elks came to deliver each 3rd grade a brand new dictionary.  The kids are so excited about their new dictionaries.

One girl even brought her dictionary to lunch recess - now that's impressive!

Each student made their own version of the Cat in the Hat.  We used our rulers - except to make the 3 circles, and each Cat in the Hat looks totally different - even having used the same guided drawing directions:

After we drew our Cats in the Hat, the kids wrote an acrostic poem about Dr. Seuss.

Here's what we did in Computer Lab today:

On Kidblog, I told the kids to do their own "Five for Friday."  Of course, right away, one student asked, "So, we just have to write 5 sentences?"  Why does writing seem like such a chore to most kids?  I was actually hoping that they might not realize that blogging is writing, but I guess they caught on pretty quickly.

I've been experimenting with my Morning Message by using templates from Promethean Planet:

By the way, the School Council designated today as Rainbow Day.  Mrs. Johnson bought a bunch of teachers rainbow bandanas which we all worn in our own style.  Plus, we all dressed so colorfully.  What a great way to end the week!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I love the idea of rainbow day! Our 3rd graders usually get dictionaries from a local civic group here too! They're always a hit ! We were right by each other on the link up again...I think this is the 2nd linky I've posted after you :)

  2. We have Promethean Boards too!! We should share our morning messages!! Or the templates that we use!! I am always look for fun new templates!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 


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