Storybook Sunday/Sunday Funday!

Before I do these link-ups, I want to tell you to check out this following directions activity that I found on TPT.  Here's the link:

Whole Brain Teaching Rule #1 Game!
This powerpoint presentation starts with a colorful slide with fish swimming around.  First, the author reviews the importance of following directions quickly.  The first time through, the students do the activities slowly and with little energy.  The second time, the kids follow the directions quickly and with energy.  It really makes a HUGE difference!  

It was a fun activity.  Plus, it gave me an excellent opportunity to review the class rules.

Storybook Sunday

Now, it's time to move onto Paula's  Storybook Sunday for:

This week, I'm very excited to share and read this adorable book:

 Hi, Koo! by Jon J. Muth is a delightful collection of haikus with a seasonal theme.  Each page has a panda on it, and if your students are like mine, they LOVE pandas.

Next week we have state testing on Wednesday and Thursday.  I'm planning to read this book and have the kids write their own haikus.  Actually, they LOVE writing haikus because they are fast to write, and they love counting out the syllables. 

If you want to learn more about this amazingly talented author, check out this information:

                                         Sunday Funday

  Now it's time to link up time with A Burst of First and Lucky to be in First.
My goal is to go to the Health Club four times a week for spinning because I want to maintain my weight and stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  Here's what a spinning bike looks like:

When you go to your first spinning class, the instructor helps you set up your bike so it's the right size for you.  At my health club - The Reading Athletic Club - there are about 23 bikes in the room.  When you spin here, the instructor makes the room dark so that your ride becomes your own.  You ride at your own pace depending how how hard you want to ride the bike.  You don't want to look at what other riders are doing because you have to do what's good for you. 

I also have the spinning shoes that allow you to clip into the pedals:

My husband bought me spinning shoes for my 50th birthday (I'm 53 now).  I did wait a little bit before investing in the spinning shoes because I wanted to make sure that I would stick with the work-out.  It does take time to adjust to spinning because at first, it is SO HARD.  I used to be thankful that I made it through the 45 minute class alive. 

Actually, I went spinning this morning, and I really like the teacher, Lisa, and her music.  Every teacher has different routines and music.  Mrs. Borselli, a teacher at my school, is a spinning teacher now at a health club in Woburn, and  her students tell her she has the best music.  Great job, Mrs. B.!

If you're looking for a great work-out that burns A LOT of calories, try out spinning.  It does get fun - after you get used to it.


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  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for linking up! Those spinning classes seem great. I can't wait to try out that Whole Brain Teaching video. I love using WBT.
    A Burst of First


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