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 I don't know about you, but the weekend starts on Friday morning for me.  When we first got married (25 years ago), my husband and I used to go out for breakfast every Friday morning.  We did this for 5 years until we had kids.  Once my daughter and two sons were on the scene, Friday breakfasts went out the window.  Fast forward 18 years, my daughter goes off to college; Derek gets his driver's license and drives himself and Andrew to the high school.  Finally, we get to start going out to breakfast on Fridays.

These days we go to the North Ave. Diner in Wakefield.  I always get a bowl of oatmeal every single Friday with one cup of coffee.  It's the only school day I allow myself to drink coffee - that's because it's the weekend!

Now it's time to link-up with Jennifer at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings to share what's going on this week.


This week's reading selection is:

In this book, the Raja decided to keep all the rice for himself instead of sharing it with the villagers.  Rani - who's on the cover of the book - outsmarts the Raja by being clever.

Here's a summary from the Barnes and Noble web site:

Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
This mathematical folktale from India has been told several times recently, but what sets Demi's book apart is her beautiful bordered artwork rendered in rich colors and generously surrounded by white space. Your eyes are drawn to the art and frequently to the heroine, Rani, who is often outside the framed scenes. Clever Rani saves her people from starvation by requesting, as her reward for a good deed, just one grain of rice doubled every day for thirty days. The raja thinks this is a foolish and paltry reward, but he soon learns the magnitude of this doubling. The gatefolds of camels and elephants laden with rice bring the point home visually to young readers while the table at the end explains the math. The raja learns his lesson and all ends well.

We continue to work on fractions, multiplication and getting ready for our Math MCAS which is in May. 

This week we'll be taking a benchmark test which all third graders in Woburn take in Math. 


April is National Poetry Month so we'll be reading and writing poetry.  Today we read Dogku by Andrew Clements, and tomorrow we'll try our hand at writing our own haikus. 

All in all, we will be quite busy this week!

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