Peek at my Week!

It's Sunday so it's time to link-up with  Jennifer from Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her fun link-up:

Right now I am so upset because I spilled a tiny amount of water on my laptop right where the mouse is.  Now it won't work even though I dried up the water, took off the back of the computer, turned it upside down and let it dry all afternoon.  I'm hoping that it will miraculously turn on in the morning because I have so much stored in my computer.  My laptop is so important to me, and not having it will have a huge impact on my week.

This is the last full week before our MCAS (state testing).  We'll be reading more released items and practicing answering short response questions and making sure to go back in the story to get the answers.

In Math, we're starting to do area.  We're also reviewing perimeter and our multiplication facts from zero to five, as in making sure that these facts are memorized.

We have a half day on Thursday so that teachers across Woburn can meet with the other grade level teachers.  At our meeting, we're going to discuss our new Six Traits Writing program and other items.

I've got a great collection of St. Patrick's Day books to read to the kids on the rug.

Mainly, I've got my fingers crossed that my laptop will work in the morning.

Have a wonderful week!

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