Favorite Pins + Wardrobe Wednesday = Two Link-Ups For the Price of One!!!

Kristen, the blogger at:  http://www.thereadbox.com/  has started a new link-up where you highlight your "MVP pins."

Here are 3 of my favorites:

This first pin shows the most adorable Native American museum products.  First of all, I love teaching Native Americans.  Second, this home-made wetu is too cute for words, and I'm looking forward to making it myself next fall.


You can check out the whole unit by clicking on the picture below:

 The creative genius behind this pin is Jennifer whose blog is located at:


I found an amazing and useful book through this pin:


(I'm loving this link-up already because it made me go through my pins, and I forgot about this great book.)

I read this book last year, and it's well worth reading at any time of the year.  The author is Julie Gassman, and you can read more about the book if you click on the cover (it will bring you to Amazon).   Of course, I forgot all about it so Pinterest is great way to remember what you've seen and liked. 

Last Mother's Day I saw this most charming activity on TPT so I pinned it.  At the big sale last week, I bought it, and I'm very excited to make this adorable muffin craftivity.


You can use the button below and link up:

I'm also linking up with Laura:   http://msritter35.blogspot.com/ for:

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of myself wearing my outfit yesterday, but I wore my usual outfit:  a cardigan, a skirt and my boots.  Since I don't have a picture, I'm going to share a blog that I follow for people who wear petite sizes, like me:


loft dot coat

I love polka dots!  Also, this blogger is from Boston.  Most recently, she wrote about petites at The Limited which I might check out now that they have petite clothes. 

That's it for now!  Tomorrow is Friday so I'll be back for Five For Friday!

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