Awesome April!

It's really April which means it's time to link up to 'Oh, Boy 4th Grade' for:

 The Sun

Here in Massachusetts, we just had the 6th coldest winter on record.  In addition, we just had a stretch of rainy days.  Today the sun came out, and it was close to 60 degrees.  The sun felt so warm; spring is on its way - although it doesn't really warm up here until the end of May.


Of course, I should be doing my "chores," but I saw all the other blogger posts and needed to add my two cents.  


I stopped going to Weight Watchers because I need the time to do the work for my RETELL class.  Needless, to say I have gained 5 pounds with absolutely no problem.   Why is it so easy to gain weight and so painstakingly difficult to lose?  That's why I need to eat LESS food, but it seems like I still eat the same, but I guess the scale doesn't lie so it must be me who needs to be more honest about how much I eat.

Hours/Last Day 

The first bell rings at 8:15, and school officially starts at 8:25 and ends at 2:40.  The last day has not been named officially, but it's hopefully going to be a half day on Tuesday, June 24th. (Please don't hold me accountable for this date until the School Committee approves the last day.)

Have an awesome April!  April showers bring May:




  1. This winter has been so hard on us all! Hopefully better weather is here to stay! I enjoyed stopping by your blog! :)
    Fourth and Ten
    Fourth and Ten on Facebook

  2. I could stand to eat less food too! Maybe with all this nice weather I will be outside working in the yard more which in turn means burning more calories {one can hope}!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  3. JUNE 24!?!? Oh my! You poor thing!


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