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 There's really fun Science Blog Hop and giveaway to check out at Table Talk with C and C:

I'm always looking for new and exciting activities to do in Science so I'm excited to check out all the ideas!

Five For Friday!

Of course, it wouldn't be Friday without linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for five random things.

My biggest accomplishment during my vacation week was cleaning out my closet.  I found some hidden treasures and LOTS of clothes to donate and STUFF to toss.  Now I have extra room, and I even organized my clothes color - I might as well have a professionally organized closet for a few days.

While cleaning I found a box of new baby soda bottles still in the box:

Now I need to find ideas on how to make use of these.

While I'm busy cleaning, my students are doing their Woburn Historical Society Scavenger Hunt:

Here are Kyle and Markey hard at work DURING vacation - I am very IMPRESSED! 

Thanks to Markey's Mom for sending me this great picture.

I've been reading my book, Moloka'i - which is an amazing story of a young Hawaiin girl who gets leprosy.  If you haven't read this book, and you like historical fiction, I highly recommend this book.

Also, I've been reading a lot of blogs and getting some ideas.

My sons both had their birthdays so last night we went to Mexico Lindo for dinner.  I made the mistake of weighing myself before and after dinner.  The result = 3 pounds gained.  How does this happen so quickly!  Losing weight is impossible, but it's incredibly easy to gain.

Tonight I have a fundraiser for ALS, and there will be a medium there.  I'm excited to help this worthwhile cause, and it will be fun to get out with my friend, Paula.  We're both HUGE fans of Long Island Medium.

Happy Weekend!

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