Phenomenal Five For Friday!

Guess what day it is?!!  It's Friday which means it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Give Me Five Adjectives

This week the kids have been sharing their Hand Adjective paragraphs which tell 5 adjectives with 2 supporting details.  Here are some excellent examples:

Austin has a broken arm so his papers get typed.

I love how the kids individualize their hands.  In each finger, they list one of their adjectives.  It's a great activity.  Here's the link if you want to check it out:

 NSTAR Program Visit

  NStar - a local utility company - came to do a game show presentation on energy conservation.  The presenter did an excellent job with the program; he was very animated and engaging.

Close up of game board.

 We learned that using just one CFL light bulb can save a tremendous amount of energy as well as many other energy saving ideas.

Best of all, each person received a goody bag full of activities - including a mini version of the Wattsville game shown in the pictures.

After the program, we also learned that the presenter performs at Red Sox games on stilts!  He told the kids if they let him know he performed at the school, he'll try to get them on TV or the scoreboard.

Thanks to NStar for providing this FREE educational program!

Wrapping up animals in Science

We are all done with our animal chapter in Science.  It was really fun learning about the different types of animals.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I was incredibly lucky this week because I won a prize package from Rachel at the Tatooed Teacher blog -

I LOVE the sign she made, and I'm so excited about my prizes which I can't wait to use!


We have been writing A LOT of haikus.  We read these books:

Author Jon Muth

After reading both of these fun and adorable books, each student wrote a haiku for each season of the year.  Pictures to follow shortly!

Happy Weekend!

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