A Very Good Five For Friday!

Since it's a very good Friday, and the first day of vacation, I am delighted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

 Social Studies

April 18, 1775 was the actual date of Paul Revere's famous midnight ride. This week we talked at length about the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.  I love teaching about these events and this time period because there was so much change going on in our part of the world.  In addition, a lot of this history happened right in our own backyard so we can go visit the actual locations - how exciting is that!

Check out Paul Revere's house which is right in Boston right down the street from the Old North Church where the famous lanterns were held!

 Change is Simple Visit

We were so fortunate to have Change is simple visit our classroom.  This lesson centered on habitats.  What I particularly love about these well-planned out and engaging lessons, is that they incorporate literacy, math and science skills.  First, the kids had to read a clue:

At the end of the clue, the students had to solve a math problem so they would know which card to get next:

Once they solved the problem on the card, the card was placed on the board:

Poetry Month Cinquains 

We had fun writing more poetry by writing cinquains.  Cinquains follow a pattern:

 One noun
Two describing words for noun
Three describing words for noun
Four describing words for noun
One noun
(same as first noun)

We just drafted our poems.  After vacation I'll have some pictures of the finished work.

 Woburn Scavenger Hunt

The Woburn Historical Society put together a beautiful scavenger hunt activity for all third graders in the city.  The kids have 3 weeks to complete the activities.  It's a great way for the kids to explore local history.

Preparing for the Math MCAS Test 

Every day we have been practicing for our state math test.  We've also been reviewing/memorizing our multiplication facts and learning more about fractions.  The kids have really enjoyed fractions!

Anything that involves pizza sounds good to me!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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