Fantastic Five For Friday!

It's Friday which means only one thing.  It's time for:

 We thoroughly enjoyed reading about Chibi:

On Thursday I found a You Tube video made by a second grader from Pittsburgh, and my class is obsessed with the video - we've watched it twice already.  Me, I'm impressed by how well this 2nd grade boy summarized and acted out the story with toy ducks.  If you have time, please check it out.  Here's the link:

 We had a delightful guest reader - Karim's Mom.  She read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  What a tremendous story!  When my daughter went to kindergarten, the teacher read that book to the parents at the information session.  I fell in love with that book, and I'm still in love with the book.

Karim's Mom also brought in homemade fried dough that she had just made at home, and we're all in love with that, too.  She said that it's healthy because she made it at home (that's why we could eat it at school), and it was amazing.  One of the parents asked for the recipe so I'll try to get it and put it in the blog.

Today (Friday) we had another guest reader - Markey's Mom.  She read 2 amazing books:

The book to the left - How Smudge Came - is a particularly touching and moving book about a special needs adult who want to adopt a dog.  It's definitely a book worth checking out.

 Today we started a new chapter in Social Studies - Massachusetts in the American Revolution.  Here's an anchor chart to show some of what we learned:

Change is Simple came to visit on Thursday.  They did an amazing and informative presentation on endangered animals.  First, Kelly introduced the topic by passing out cards that show endangered animals:

The kids then had to find something that they had in common with the animal on their card.

After that, the kids got to place their cards on this amazing world map:

After this, pairs of students wrote about their animals on chalkboards:

Last, we learned about endangered animals that live right here in Massachusetts and nearby states:

We LOVE Change is Simple because the activities are interactive, educational and fun!

On top of that my husband was reading about how millions of bats are dying from a fungus.  I learned about this in the presentation yesterday.  Wow!
We continue to read our hand paragraphs.  Here's another example:

The kids have also been hard at work writing poetry like these seasonal haikus:

Happy Weekend!

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