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Since next week is Cinco de Mayo, we are reading some stories that are written in English and Spanish.  I read Uncle Nacho's Hat by Harriet Rohmer:

This adorable book tells about Uncle Nacho and how he can't get rid of his hat because it's so special and important to him.  We'll also be writing about a special object and why it's so special that we could never part with it.

We're also reading The Woman Who Outshone the Sun by Alejandro Cruz:

The message of this book is to treat others with respect even if they are different from you.  I LOVE that message!

Social Studies

We are learning about the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence.  What an exciting time period!  It all happened right around where we live, too!  Concord and Lexington are so close, and the Old North Bridge is still there.  I took a class, and we visited all the actual locations so I have firsthand experience of the actual places which makes teaching so much fun and exciting for me.

I'm also reading Judy Moody Declares Independence by Megan McDonald during snack.  This book is perfect because Judy and her family visit Boston and see the Paul Revere House and the Boston Tea Party Ship (we'll be going to the Tea Party Ship in June for a field trip).  


We're working on measuring with our rulers.  Using a ruler is challenging for the kids so it's a good thing we are practicing.  Today we measured a marker, a folder, our desks, our arms, our feet,... to the nearest half-inch.  The kids LOVED this.  Another day we'll measure to the nearest centimeter.

Have a wonderful week!


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