Happy Birthday Derek! Inference Giveaway! Where's my Stitch Fix?

 My son, Derek, is 23 years old!

 The big news of the day is that my older son, Derek, is 23 years old!  Here's a picture from his younger days:

He's aging nicely, too!

This morning I was noting that Derek is 23 on April 23; Andrew is 21 on April 21; and I'm 53, and my license plate is 53JF.  It seems like these numbers are lining up very nicely!

 Check out this giveaway!

 The state of Massachusetts is now requiring most teachers to take a class called RETELL to renew our certifications.  The purpose of the RETELL class is to help us have additional strategies to help English language learners (ELL's) in the classroom.  At my school, there's a group of us who take the class on Wednesdays.

The reason I'm explaining this is because Deb is a teacher who helps ELL students all the time, and on top of that, she designs amazing, creative and engaging products.  Now she has created another amazing product:  an Inference Concentration (Memory) game.

She's even having a raffle so you can win your very own copy.  Head on over to her blog:
 Crafting Connection to check it out!

Why is my Stitch Fix taking so long?

I keep reading and seeing all these Stitch Fix pictures and blog entries, and I'm looking forward to getting my first box which I ordered in March, but it won't be here until mid-May!  I am excited to see what I get!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I have been thinking about ordering a stitch fix box. I didn't realize it takes so long to arrive, though! I can't wait to see what you receive!


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