Patriot's Day in Magnificent Massachusetts!

  My son, Andrew, turns 21 today!

 Twenty-one years ago my "baby" was born at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  Here's Andrew today:

Wow, 21 years old, and he's aging nicely.


 Perfect Day to Shop!

Since I have the day off, I decided to check in at Trader Joe's and Lakeshore Learning - they're both in the same plaza.  Plus I had some gift cards to use.  Final cost:  $98.98* - that's after the gift cards were used.  Luckily, I stay away from this store because it's so easy and fun to spend money.  I did buy 2 butterfly gardens which were on sale for $25 each; one is for my 21 year old son and the other is for my classroom.  

 *Here's an interesting tidbit someone told me - if your total bill has the same numbers, for example $12.12 or $25.25..., it means someone's looking out for you - maybe you'll have some good luck even.  Any way, I think it's pretty cool when this happens.

Giveaway Alert!

There's a great giveaway at Teacher Times Two! There are many prizes to win -  Math for K-1, 2-3, and 4-5, and LA for K-1, 2-3, and 4-5! Check out these amazing prizes!

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Have a lucky day!

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