Fabulous Five For Friday!


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1.  This week we worked on our Rocks and Minerals chapter.  There is A LOT OF vocabulary to learn with the three types of rocks, but we'll keep practicing.  Here is the link if you would like to check out the flipchart I made:


2.  We also learned more about Christopher Columbus and his trip in which he landed in the New World on October 12, 1492 (just an aside:  my birthday is on October 12th!).  We finished off the week by making this adorable ship in a bottle.  I'll post some student work samples next week, but in the meantime, you can check it out on TPT at:


3.  We celebrated National Fire Safety Week by visiting the Fire Safety House and hearing from two firemen who told us all about fire safety.  Here are some pictures:

First, a fireman talked to us about what to do during a fire:

1.  Stop, drop and roll.
2.  Get out.
3.  Meet at a safe spot outside.

We also learned that during a fire, the temperatures can reach 1000 degrees F.  THAT IS HOT!  Also, firemen have to keep going to school and learning. 

Then we went inside the Fire Safety House to learn more about fire.  To practice what to do in a fire, the firemen use steam and a smoke detector.  Then the kids get to practice escaping by climbing down a ladder and meeting in our safe spot.  Check it out:

Of course, the kids LOVED it.  Special thanks to my colleague, Mrs. Johnson, for arranging this experience for our third graders and their teachers. 

4.  Check out this amazing birthday cake which looks like a GIANT Hostess cupcake.  Again, thanks to Mrs. Johnson's sister-in-law for making such a delicious cake.

5.  On Thursday, I went to a Math Workshop by Dr. Andrew Chen.  I'll be writing a whole separate post about what he talked about later.  When the kids have a substitute, they're always so happy to see me the next day, and I LOVE IT!  It's always nice to be appreciated.

Happy Columbus Day Weekend!



  1. Happy Birthday! Love that cake.
    Can't wait to see what you've learned at the Math Workshop!
    Enjoy your day!


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