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1.  Last week we finished our final copies of "Our Best Friends."  In addition to writing a paragraph, the kids draw a picture of their best friend.  First, we share our paragraphs on the rug, and then I hang them up on the bulletin board where they look so colorful and cheerful.  Here are two examples:

I have to say that I LOVE this writing assignment - so cute and fun.
Of course, I found this idea on another blog:
This blogger is Mrs. Lemons, and she is very talented and creative so you might enjoy checking out her entire blog.
2.  We read the play - Herbie and Annabelle - by Suzy Kline.  In our interactive reading notebooks, we completed an activity about Drama which described the different parts of a play:  dialogue, stage directions, acts, scenes, etc.  The kids really enjoy these notebook entries, and I will definitely try to include pictures next week.
I purchased this activity from Nicole Shelby on TPT, and you can check it out here:
3.  In Computer Lab, the kids are putting the finishing touches on their Sentence Powerpoints.  Here are two more examples:
The kids who finished this first Powerpoint are now making new Powerpoints about a topic that is important to them. 
4.  We finished our first chapter in Social Studies and took our first test today.  Next week we'll be moving onto Science and learning about rocks.
5.  In Math, we started subtraction, and the kids are doing really well.  THEY CAN SUBTRACT!  I'm so happy because in the past, my students struggled with this skill.  I have to tip my hat to the second grade teachers at my school because they did a marvelous job teaching subtraction last year.
Happy Weekend!



  1. I LOVED seeing the artwork of your students and their best friends! And thanks for the tip on Nicole Shelby's Drama resource. I will check it out!
    Crafting Connections


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