Peek at a 4 Day Week

It's Monday night of a long weekend, and it's time to look forward to the week ahead with Jennifer at

1.  Since this is a 4 day week, we'll be reading the story Guys From Space by Daniel Pinkwater.  This story tells of a boy with a very active imagination who goes off with space guys and drinks root beer floats on another planet.  It's perfect for our short week.
2.  We'll be having a Science quiz on rocks and minerals, and then we'll wrap up the chapter by learning about fossils.  I must admit that I've always been quite fascinated by dinosaurs.
3.  Thanks to the sale at TPT, I bought a product about Mentor Sentences.  I'm pretty excited to try to get my students to write well written sentences with details - emphasis on the "s."  You can check out this teacher's store here:

4.  Due to eating birthday cake last week, I gained 3.2 pounds at Weight Watchers.  This is a huge setback so now I really have to try to eat better.  Of course, my husband who eats so much more than me - including a lot more birthday cake - lost 1.5 pounds. 
Have a happy and healthy week! 

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