Five For Friday - Vintage Version

It's that time of the week  to link up with:
for Five for Friday.  Here's the old logo - I thought I'd use this for a change.

1.  Today in Computer Lab, we took a math assessment at  This assessment gives an idea of what math skills the kids know well as well as areas where more instruction is needed.  To use I-ready, the kids need to use head phones so they can hear the instructions.  Here's a handy tip:  keep each set of  head phones in a sandwich bag.  This system prevents the head phones from getting hopelessly tangled up.

2.  We had a guest reader today - Mrs. Gibbons!  She came in and read two Halloween books.  On top of that, she brought gifts:  a mini-pumpkin and a pencil for each student.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed having a guest reader.  Here's a picture:
3.  This afternoon we had Book Buddies with Mrs. Murphy's kindergarten class.  The kids LOVE Book Buddies because they get to read picture books and be role models.  Here are some pictures:

4.  We started sharing our Sentence Powerpoints on the big screen in class.  I just love the About the Author pages so I'm going to share each student's page.  Check these out:

5.  My son, Derek, had his first full day of work today.  He's working in Congressman T.'s (Derek doesn't want me to use his name) local office.  Derek graduated from college last spring and was so excited to finally get a job in government.  Then,  the government shut down on the exact day he was supposed to start.  At long last, he worked all day, and he's not even tired.  It's nice to be young.
Any way, I'm hoping to be in bed by 9:00 at the latest, and it's a Friday night. 
Happy Weekend!


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