Make-Up News From Last Week: Guest Readers and More About the Authors

Last week our class was amazingly lucky to have 2 guest readers.  First, we had Ms. Michelle who came to read for the second time this year:

That's her son TJ to the left.
We were also delighted to have Ms. Karen:
That's her daughter, Ava, to the left.
The students are so excited and delighted to have guest readers, especially when it's their own Mom.  I'm hoping some dads might volunteer, too.
 Here are some more examples of About the Author Sentence Powerpoints.
This is Amanda's version.

Here is Kyle's:

Here's TJ's page:

The kids love making Powerpoints!  Many of them have taught themselves how to add sounds, different effects, .... I'm going to share 3 of these About the Author pages until they are all shown.  Check back soon for more news!

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