The truth is a little late these days.....

I am linking up with Sunny Days in Second Grade for My Truth Monday...

This week's theme is what is creepy:
Mushrooms.  Recently, I have read that mushrooms are actually healthy for you, but I just can't eat them because of the texture.
Scary Movies.  Back in the day, I couldn't wait to get home to watch the original Dark Shadows.  What a great show that was!  After watching Silence of the Lambs, I knew scary movies were a thing of the past for me.
The creepiest thing.  A few years ago I thought I saw a mouse in the house.  Then I knew that I saw a mouse scampering across the kitchen floor.  One mouse = lots of mice somewhere in the house.  So I called the exterminator who has come quarterly every since.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. I totally wanted to link up today too - Maybe I can do Monday on Thursday. :)
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