Finally, it's Five for Friday!

Happy Weekend!  Today I'm linking up to share some random things from my week!
We had a very healthy and happy Breakfast Party on October 31st.  Kind parents sent in juice boxes, cinnamon rolls, bagels, mini-muffins, frozen yogurt bars, grapes, clementines, paper products, etc.  The kids loved the Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate that Amanda's Mom sent in.  The kids claimed that the hot chocolate tasted like coffee so now they're already to be grown-ups.  Then we shared news or talents.  Many of the girls can do splits which is quite impressive.  Overall, the breakfast was quite enjoyable and fun. 
Today we started doing Xtramath in computer lab.  I sent home the information so that the kids can practice at home.  For added incentive, when a student gets a completion certificate, they can have lunch in the classroom with a friend.  I'm very excited to have some lunch guests who really know their math facts.
Additionally, we started new Powerpoints about being thankful.  The assignment includes a cover page, 5 pages telling about one thing we're thankful for and why we're thankful, and, of course, an About the Author Page. 

We thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about tornadoes.  After I read Tornado Alert, the kids asked if we could do a tornado drill.  I told them to crouch under their desks and cover their heads with their hands.  Also, since it was an "emergency," they couldn't talk either.  It was so quiet, and they were so engaged under their desks.  Plus, most of them have a plan for where they would go in their house or basement if we ever did have a tornado here (our school is north of Boston).  Luckily, we don't usually get tornadoes here, but the kids are prepared nonetheless.
We started our chapter on Native Americans.  The kids are totally into wetus (wigwams); mishoons (canoes); and longhouses.  Plus I am totally fascinated and amazed by the ingenuity of Native Americans. 

The kids have been sharing their descriptions and maps of their bedrooms.  I'll be posting some pictures later.
It's daylight saving this weekend.  Time to fall back and enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I love teaching Native Americans! I am missing out on it this year (maternity leave), but there are so many neat things to do with this theme. You're right their ingenuity is pretty dang amazing.

    Teaching with Hope 


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