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It's a sensational Saturday which means it's time to link up with Paula for her Storybook Saturday Link Up!

Last week I read a tremendously written and illustrated book:
One Cool Friend written by Toni Buzzeo, is about Eliot's trip to the Aquarium where he takes home a penguin as a pet.  The penguin's name is Magellan.  Throughout the story, Eliot's Dad pays little or no attention to Eliot, but in the end, we learn that the Dad has a pet turtle, Captain Cook.  The illustrations go along with the story, too.  As you can see Eliot is dressed in a tuxedo, and Dad is dressed in a suit that looks like a turtle shell.  Overall, this book is cool!
I'm also reading a chapter book at snack:
If you're looking for a higher reading level book by Suzy Kline, this book is a Level O.  It's also a great read-aloud.  Herbie Jones is in third grade, and he writes poetry FOR FUN!  The story also deals with friends at school, a girl who knows everything, life at home,....  There are a lot of connections students can find in this book.
Back to One Cool Friend, I've always thought it would be amazing to take home a penguin for a pet, especially an emperor penguin who would be almost as big as me.  Luckily, it's all make-believe.

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