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Hi there!  Paula is back this week so I get to tell you about a favorite read-aloud from last week:

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I found a very engaging book called:

This picture book by Chih-Yuan Chen tells the story of an alligator egg that gets mixed in with a duck's eggs.  The mother duck treats all her "babies" the same, and Guji Guji doesn't even realize he's an alligator until another alligator tries to trick Guji Guji into doing something to his duck "siblings."  This book can lead to many worthwhile activities/discussions about character.  In addition, you can have the book read to your class by checking out this link:
Thanks to my sister, I also discovered a new way to do presentations called Prezis.  A Prezi is similar to a Powerpoint, but it has animations.  I actually made a vocabulary Prezi to go along with the book:
What Do Authors Do? by Eileen Christelow. 
You can check out my very first attempt at this link:
I'm just at the very beginning stages of learning about this, but I can definitely see some uses.  Do any of you make these kinds of presentations? I'd love to hear what you think.

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  1. Another great book. Your lovely experience with volunteering on the 'polar express' is just magic. Hope your turkey day was full of family, fun and food.


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