My Truth Thursday

I've been wanting to link up with Denise at Sunny Days for her My Truth Monday since Monday, but I guess I'm running a little late - yet again.

  I student taught when I was 38 years old so it took me a while to actually achieve my dream of becoming a teacher.  I used to say that I was an "older new teacher."  Now I still feel like a new teacher because I'm still learning and trying to be a better teacher every day.  That's the best part of being a teacher - you're always learning and improving.  Every day is a new opportunity to help kids learn and grow.  I am so lucky to be a teacher because I truly love my job and my students.

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  1. So cute! I used to play teacher too. But I liked to be the math teacher with my sister(I even had a teacher's copy of the math book, so I could "check" her answers).


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