Highs and Lows = A New Link-Up

Hello! It's Saturday!  My voice is getting a little better every day, and I am very thankful to be able to use my voice and be heard after my bout of laryngitis.

Paula is taking a well-deserved rest from Storybook Saturday so I feel quite lucky to have found another Link-Up called:

Here's the good news first:
1.  I met with all of my students' parents for a conference this year. 
This year I have an amazing class of 16 students.  Every year I want to meet with every parent, but for some reason, I never manage to see every child's parents.  This year I sent out reminders if I didn't hear back the first time, and it worked - I did meet with all the parents!  I really enjoyed meeting the parents and having time to discuss how their children are doing.
2.  I got several caring notes from my students because I was under the weather.
Several of my students gave me either a get-well card/note or messages telling me that they hope I feel better.  Several of the parents also mentioned that their kids said I couldn't talk.  I love knowing that my students care so much about them.  My grandmother used to say:  "A heart feels a heart."  I know how much I care about my students, and it's very heart-warming that they care so much about me.
3.  I saw 2 deer last weekend.

I just love seeing deer - they're so beautiful and graceful.  Of course, my dog is ready to pull my arm off to go chasing after them, and my friend says that they're on their way to eat the bulbs in her garden - which just goes to show that there are 2 sides to every story.

Here are the low points.

1.  I didn't go spinning last week.

I really missed going to the gym, but I stayed home, rested and hoped to get healthy again.  Unfortunately, even with spinning 4 times a week, I've been managing to gain weight at Weight Watchers so I'm not exactly looking forward to weighing in tomorrow.

2.  Here's some information from Weight Watchers about how many points/calories are in different Thanksgiving food.

Last night, I had a piece of 14 point pumpkin pie which was delicious but not a good choice.

I'm still thankful that I ate it - I just wish it wouldn't make me gain weight.

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  1. I was sooo excited to have you link up! What a great surprise with the snow! Did you know you are a Nonreply-comment blogger?! I tried to e-mail you with some goodies! I'm so happy to be your newest follower. I think the deer are pretty, too. I see about five a day eating my bushes because the flowers and bulbs are all gone!


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