Friday has finally arrived!

Happy weekend everyone!

I've been noticing that a lot of bloggers have been very busy lately, and I have to say that this short week has been busier than most.  The good part about being busy is that you're never bored.

Here's what we've been up to this week:

1.  Report cards went home today. 

2.  We had our Veteran's Day assembly on Thursday.  The third grade students did an excellent job singing The Star Spangled Banner.

3.  I had several parent conferences on Thursday afternoon (it was a half-day). 

4.  We learned about non-fiction books and what makes a book non-fiction.  I had each student visit the classroom library and select any non-fiction book.  We then met on the rug where the kids partnered up and showed each their books.  We then made a chart that listed our findings.  This was a really fun activity, and I got this idea from the training I went to given by Debbie Miller.  How cool is that!

5.  We started a new round of centers today.  Here are the new centers:

      * Partner reading - read Diary of a Baby Wombat and complete a timeline of what you have done today.

      * Map center.  There are 2 USA maps for the kids to put together.  If time, they can draw their own USA maps.

       * Verb task cards.  Find the verbs on each card and write those down; put the verbs  in alphabetical order; write a story or sentences using the verbs.

       *   Math task cards which involve a variety of math skills.

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  1. Great ideas! Stealing the Diary of a Wombat/timeline workstation idea!


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