It's Wednesday. Where did my voice go?

Here are two highlights of my day!

1.  Two of my students decided to do extra homework on their own.  They watched a video clip of the Mayflower, took notes and typed up a report that they read to the class.  How amazing it that!  The added bonus was that it gave my voice a rest.  Hopefully, maybe, other students might be inspired to do extra work as well.  Did you know that there were 2 dogs on the Mayflower? 

2.  A Mom of one of my students sent me in some homemade tabouleh and pizza which was very tasty.  This worked out particularly well because I was supposed to go out with the other 3rd grade teachers, and I didn't have anything for my dinner (other than canned soup).  Of course, I had prepared leftovers for my husband and son so they were all set.  I LOVE to eat food that someone else prepares and that is delicious and different that what I normally eat.

 Tomorrow night is Parent - Teacher conferences.  I'm resting my voice tonight in the hope that I'll be able to talk. 

That's my quick update.  Thanks for checking in!

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