Five For Friday - On Time - Almost!!!

Happy Veteran's Day Weekend!  Today I'm linking up with:
to share some random things from my week!
The kids are thoroughly enjoying all the non-fiction we have been reading lately.  Last week we read this book:
The kids are totally fascinated by the Titanic and icebergs.  They have A LOT of questions so it's a good thing I have a basket of books about the Titanic so they can learn even more.

We have pen pals from Columbia, South Carolina!  The kids were so excited to get a letter and write back.  Our rough drafts are all ready to be written over and sent to our pen pals.  Even my reluctant writers were delighted to write their letters.

We finished our chapter on Native Americans.  I just LOVE learning and teaching about Native Americans.  Our Social Studies book even uses the authentic Wampanoag words like wetu (wigwam) and mishoon (canoe). 
On Thursday, I went to a day long seminar given by Debbie Miller who wrote the book, Reading With Meaning.  I'll be writing an entire blog post about what I learned.

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to a White Coat Ceremony for my son, Andrew:
Andrew is in the Pharmacy program at Northeastern where he is in his third year of a six year program.  This ceremony marks the beginning of the students' professional studies, and each student received a white coat with their name embroidered on it. 
Wow, what a wonderful week!


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