Super Saturday Storybooks!

Saturday is one of my favorite days, especially when I get to link up with Paula  for Storybook Saturday.

I read this book last week:

The author is Peter Brown who writes about a tiger who is bored with being so proper.  Mr. Tiger decides to go wild by changing the way he acts.  Instead of walking on 2 legs, he decides to walk on 4 legs.  Then he decides that he's tired of wearing a suit and tie so he takes off all his clothes and dives into the water fountain in the city center (by the way, this was the kids' favorite part).  Eventually, Mr. Tiger runs off to live in the wilderness, but he gets lonely and misses his home.  When he returns to the city, he is wearing an Hawaiian shirt and shorts.  He notices that others are changing, too.  Everyone can be different and still be proper at the same time! 

We had a big discussion about the lesson in this story including about how the kids act differently in school than when they're at home, ...  There are many different levels of understanding in this book so it can be perfect for any grade level.  Plus the pictures are fun and colorful.

Our school was exceptionally lucky to have author and poet Jeff Nathan visit.  He spoke to all of the classes in school, and he managed to successfully entertain and delight all the students from kindergarten to 5th graders - ALL IN ONE DAY!  Here's an example of one of his books:

Here's what Amazon has to say about Jeff Nathan's style of writing:

PunOETRY is the humorous blend of PUNs and pOETRY, put together in a special way that's fun for everyone and helps introduce this type of humor to those that have not seen it before. Nominated for the upcoming Notable Books in Language Arts awards, this book is sure to be a favorite of young and old, alike.

I know that "puns are the lowest form of humor," but I LOVE a creative pun.  Any of Jeff Nathan's book is worth checking out.

Of course, now I'm trying to think of a clever pun to sign off with, but I can't think of one.

Happy reading!

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