Just catching up on news.....

The last 2 weeks I have not had much time to blog, and I have news to share from the classroom to the home front.

1.  To go along with the book, Me on the Map, the kids described their bedrooms and drew a map to go along with their paragraphs.  Here are 2 examples:

The kids loved sharing their paragraphs and maps with their classmates.  Plus, we have them on the bulleting board, and they look great.

2.  We'll be writing our final copies of our "Create Your Own Monster" paragraphs next week so I'll be posting pictures of that shortly.

3.  I got two special gifts. 

On the left is some candy from a student.  I offered my younger son some of the candy after dinner while he was home.  His response:  "OK, I'll take that back to my apartment."  Where is the logic in that conversation?  I'm sure you can figure out who got that candy.

On the right, my friends found this adorable pillow at a yard sale.  Of course, I have to put it on my blog - for obvious reasons.

4.  I'm still going to Weight Watchers.  Since my birthday on October 12th, I have been eating treats.  Once I had that birthday cake, my self-control went out the window.  I am still enjoying the treats more than ever, but I pay the price when I get weighed in.
One activity, all of us can easily do:

How many minutes do you walk every hour?  I bet it's more than five minutes.
Also, the team leader shared these low-calorie treats:

They're actually pretty good.  They're not cake with frosting, but......
That's just the tip of the iceberg for news.  I still want to write about my Debbie Miller training so check back soon.

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