Storybook Saturday/Check Out This Giveaway!

Today I am linking up with Paula for her Storybook Saturday Link Up!

One book that I absolutely LOVE reading is:

Oliver Button is a boy who loves to tap dance.  Unfortunately, the boys at school make fun of Oliver and call him mean names.  In the end, Oliver competes in a talent show, and even though he doesn't win, his family and dance teacher are very proud of Oliver.  The next day in school, someone writes "Oliver Button is a star!" 

The story is very heart-warming, and it is an excellent way to open up a discussion about accepting differences and bullying, etc.  I read this book every year because it is a "feel good story" that teaches an excellent lesson that needs to heard over and over again.

In other news, please head on over to Deb's blog at:

for an amazing giveaway with LOTS of tremendous prizes.  I LOVE Deb's blogs because she does a LOT of craftivities which I love.  Additionally, she is amazingly creative and artistic.  Check it out - you will be happy that you did!

Happy Long Weekend!



  1. Oliver Button is a new one for me - I'll have to check it out!

    Love to Learn

  2. Thanks for linking up again - I love seeing what books you are reading
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. Thanks for the "shout out", Susan! I don't know that I would consider myself artistic, but hey, I'll take it! :)


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